Frequently asked questions

Great service! How do I sign up?
In the top right corner you'll find the button My pages, click on it and follow the instructions. You'll then receive an email confirmation.

Why become a member?
With an account you'll be able to create search alerts and save favourite objects. Furthermore, you get access to our appraisal service. It simple to create an account, and we will of course keep your info to ourselves.

Do you do valuations? 
We don't, but our affiliated auction houses gladly do. By using our valuation service, info about your item is sent off to several of the country's foremost experts. They will then get in touch with you – either with an valuation or for more info about the object. 

Can I sell things through Barnebys?
At Barnebys we don't hold our own auctions, so if you want to sell something we recommend that you get in contact with one of our affiliated auction houses. A tip is to search for what you want to sell and then choose one of the houses with similar lots.

Do Barnebys hold their own auctions?
No. We're a search service aimed at art, design and furnishing interested and we don't hold our own auctions. At Barnebys you will, however, find hundreds of thousands of objects from auction houses all over the world. 

I've requested a new password but haven't received a reset email. What do I do?
In some cases you're requested password can end up in your email's trash folder. Start with checking if it's there. If you still can't find it and it's been more than half an hour since your request, send an email to and we'll help you. 

What's a search alert?
By creating a search alert, you'll get an email notification when new items matching your saved searches are listed on Barnebys. In order to create a search alert you need an account.

  • Search i.e. for Rolex
  • Click on Create search alert for 'Rolex'
  • We'll then notify you when we've got new items matching your search
  • On My pages you're able to view and edit your saved searches

Didn't find the answer to your question? Email us at, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.