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Pontus Silfverstolpe,
Barnebys Co-founder and Head of Content, with over 20 years as a Fine and Decorative Art Specialist.

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bvlgari watch

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The yellow metal B.zero1 wrist watch was purchased by a private collector at Bulgari's Riyadh boutique in Saudi Arabia in the early 2000s. The gavel came down at over $800 (£600) in Fellows' auction.

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After nearly 50 years of having the painting in the family’s possession various sites were contacted without result. The most common excuse was that the signature was too hard to interpret. After contacting Barnebys everything was in place after just a couple of days.


Stockholm, Sweden

Great place to have an online valuation! Not only do they send it to all the people they have in their business circle, they also help you with a plethora of people that can answer your questions.


Washington, USA


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